Boat Lessons and more!

Here is a rolling snapshot of what we offer. From boating lessons, to Captain for Hire services, to various boat charters, we find a way to share  what we love to do!

We Care

About Safety

We care about the safety of you and your family. We take special care in ensuring you are safe at all times. We have all the required safety equipment on board and we will always make sure safety comes first. We boat these waterways too and want to make sure Tampa Bay is safe for everyone to enjoy.

About Your Family

When you’re on our boat, you’re family. We will go at your pace whether it's learning how to drive a boat while taking boat lessons, or learning how to relax on a boat charter, we will always be within arms reach for when you need additional assistance. Our goal is to make your Tampa Bay boating experience an enjoyable one.

About You

We don't teach a canned syllabus for our boat lessons just like we never run the same charter twice. Every boater is different, and we want to make sure your experience is perfect for you. Captain Randy gives you one-on-one focused training and tailors his lesson plan to your specific needs. When it comes to boat charters, this is YOUR fun, so we'll do everything we can to make sure it's just the way you want it. 

Blue Line Boating Owners

Randy & Rachel Lopez

Family Boat Charter

We offer more than just boat lessons, boat rentals and boat charters in the Tampa Bay and Saint Petersburg area. We create confidence, memories, and insist on our customers having fun! We love the water and want to share all dolphin sightings, point out all FL birds, explore channels, and show off our beautiful FL sunsets. Our goal is to make your experience on the water a fun one. You can leave your stress at home and learn how to drive a boat knowing you're going to feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience. Let us share our passion with you! We love what we do.

Captain Randy Lopez

Our Boat Captain showing off our Boat Lessons and Boat Charters

Captain Randy is a licensed United States Coast Guard Boat Captain up to 50 Tons with a master rating and towing endorsement. He is able to drive everything from the U.S.S. Minnow to a 50 ton vessel (think Yachts). 

Captain Randy is a 31 year veteran of the Tampa Police Department (TPD), where he spent almost 20 years with Special Operations on the Marine Patrol & Dive Team. He was responsible for boating safety, rescue and recovery, and was a master trainer. He provided boat lessons to the new recruits and developed the training itinerary for all TPD Marine Patrol officers.

Captain Randy not only has extensive experience as a boat captain, he is a master diver, he is lifeguard certified and is a CPR instructor. He is very patient with new boaters and has all the qualifications necessary to keep you safe on the waters. 

Rachel Lopez

Rent paddleboards with Blue Line Boating

Rachel is a native Floridian and runs the day-to-day operation of Blue Line Boating. She is an avid boater and loves how no two sunsets are the same.

She also loves to drive a boat, loves to Paddleboard, doesn’t mind baiting a hook, can untangle the most complex knots, and makes a great sandwich!

Rachel will take every opportunity she can to ride along and as a student of Captain Randy, she can attest to his patience and expertise in making her a confident, safe boater.