About Us

When we’re on a boat together, you’re family. We will go at your pace whether it’s learning how to drive a boat while taking boat lessons, or learning how to relax on a boat charter. We will always be patient and give you as much space and or help as you’d like. Our goal is to make your Tampa Bay boating experience an enjoyable one.

We care about your safety and that of your family and guests as well. We take the necessary steps to ensure your boat is properly handled and you can ensure we will always be attentive and supportive while you’re in our care. We always ensure we have all required safety equipment on board. We boat these waterways too and want to make sure Tampa Bay is safe for everyone to enjoy.

We tailor our training syllabus to your particular needs and we teach boat lessons according to your strengths. We move at your pace and ensure you’re comfortable with learning in a safe, supportive environment. Every boater is different, and we want to make sure your experience is perfect for YOU. Our experience, professional captains give you one-on-one focused training and tailor their lesson plans to meet your needs.

When it comes to boat charters, this is YOUR turn to relax and enjoy the sea breezes, unique wildlife and outdoors, so we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s just the way you want it. A lot of times, the dolphins will even participate!

Our charters are equally tailored and you will have input on your experience. If you’re looking to impress a business guest, or enjoy time with your family and/or friends, we will respect your wishes and can be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like. This is your time! See you on the seas.

Here is a rolling snapshot of what we offer. From on-water boat lessons, to captain for hire services, to various boat charters, we enjoy sharing what we love to do! 

Meet Our Team