Boat Lessons

Boat Lessons

4-Pack (4hrs)


This is our intro to boating. You can choose to use these lessons in one or two sessions.


6-Pack (6hrs)


Get more time on the water to become a better boater. Break this up into two sessions.


12-Pack (12hrs)


This is your best bet to becoming a confident boater.  Break this up into 3-4 sessions f


Full Day (8hrs)


Spend a day becoming a proficient boater. Learn tide and wind changes, encounter a variety of boating situations and gain the confidence needed to drive a boat.


1hr Add-On


Add additional hours to any boat lessons package. Learn on a pontoon boat! Good for a new boater or advanced boater to sharpen skills: docking, GPS practice, night driving, etc. Available in North Saint Petersburg.

*Only used if customer has purchased package.